New backgrounds, characters, Cgs! Dev 1/3/2019

Hello how are you? Happy? Sad?

I am too happy for the great advances I have had with this visual novel, I have all the characters ready, most of the backgrounds finished, I just lack the images of the gallery and the music.

Finally I have complete captures to show the visual section of the game and how cute and colorful everything is. x3

With respect to the script, I work on it in my free moments I have half ready, but being a very long story with several drastic turns with each desicion. And I plan to add several different ends to the typical good and bad ones.

Finally I want to thank Niss for the English translation of the game, it has been very helpful and I am very grateful for it!

Update list:

  • New character sprite, Teacher.
  • New character sprite, Librarian.
  • New character sprite, Vec's brother.
  • New character sprite, Faug.
  • New character sprite, Sister.
  • New background, Elevator.
  • New background, Computer Desk.
  • New background, Computer room.
  • New background, School Hall.
  • New CG: Faug 1.
  • New CG: Vec 1.

Well that would be all, thank you very much for reading me and for being aware of the project! ♥~(‘▽^人)

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